“Do not write so you can be understood. Write so you cannot be misunderstood.”

Michael W. Lucas is the author of several critically-acclaimed nonfiction books and assorted short fiction. He was on the Internet before the Web existed, and now works for an independent telecommunications wholesaler in Michigan.

He lives near Detroit, Michigan, with his wife, assorted rats, twenty gallons of fish, and practices martial arts. For fun, he writes more books. Some of them get published. Even when they don’t, writing them keeps him out of trouble.

His newest nonfiction includes:

  • Sudo Mastery
  • Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition (coupon codes available)
  • DNSSec Mastery
  • His recent short stories include Waking Up Yesterday, Calling Control, and No More Lonesome Blue Rings.

    You also need his earlier books, like SSH Mastery and Network Flow Analysis.

    He post updates about all of these on his blog. He updates the status here when there’s a major change. When compelled to create content for his Web site, he writes about himself in the third person.