I write for fun. My technology books are written for practicality and easy reading. If you like your computer texts arid, you probably won’t care for mine.

Various books have been translated into Chinese, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese, and Russian. (I considered presenting a matrix of books and languages here, but that would involve digging into my big box of translations and nobody cares that much.)

The dropdown menu has all of my available nonfiction books. This page lists my non-book publications.



;login:, vol 30 no. 5, FreeBSD 5 SMPng.

O’Reilly Network
I had a column with the O’Reilly Network called Big Scary Daemons from 2000-2005. (The name is an acronym for BSD.) It’s part of their BSD DevCenter.
Nov 2000: Configuring Shared Libraries (no longer available online)

Sys Admin articles
No longer available online

  • Maintaining Patch Levels with Open-source BSDs
  • Linux under FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD for the SVR4/Linux administrator
  • FreeBSD Firewall Tools & Techniques
  • FreeBSD’s Sysctl Interface

    This article originally appeared on, but they’ve cleaned out a bunch of their older stuff. So I updated it and put on my blog.

  • Crazed Ferrets in a Berkeley Shower
    no longer available online

  • Customizing the FreeBSD Kernel for the Linux Administrator
    No longer available online

  • The State of the Daemon
  • review of Multiview Catalyst
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