Cisco Routers for the Desperate

It’s 3AM. Do you know why your router is on fire?

Cisco routers are the industry standard, to which all other routers are compared. Whether you love them or hate them, you still must live with them. While they’re generally robust and reliable, when a Cisco router breaks someone needs to fix it. If you’re in IT, when they say someone they mean you.

This book provides a brief introduction to Cisco routers, with a tight focus on what you need to know to get the router up and working in the shortest amount of time. Reading this book once will give you the knowledge on how your router and internet circuit work. Leaving it on top of the router for reference during a crisis will give you a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting when things go wrong.

Once you understand routers, managing switches isn’t much harder. This 2nd Edition will help you upgrade, manage, and operate Cisco switching hardware, from the tiny 12-port models to the monster backbone devices.

Most Cisco books with real technical content are heavy enough to stun a moose with. This book is small enough to read in a couple of hours and light enough to carry around in your laptop bag.

“This book isn’t a reference – it’s a survival guide, a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ safety harness… What I found remarkable was how it was obviously written for people like me – who have little interest in router management but whose jobs depend on the consistent, trusted functioning of such infrastructure.”
–ASP.NETPRO, on the 1st edition

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Cisco Routers for the Desperate, 2nd Edition – Michael W. Lucas

Whenever the Internet connection breaks, managers have the same question: “how can we keep this from happening again?” You will learn how to implement multiple levels of redundancy with Cisco routers, and the drawbacks with each.

“The topics it covers are those that 95% of readers will need, and they’re explained well enough, and in so few pages, that it’ll actually get read. Which is a rare thing these days.”
–UNIX DAEMON, on the 1st edition

“Packed with essential information for all types of scenarios in dealing with Cisco router problems.”
–HOSTINGRESOLVE.COM, on the 1st edition

You’ll learn how to upgrade your router, back up your router configuration, implement a private WAN, and more!

The hardest part of becoming comfortable with any new computing platform, whether it be a router or an operating system, is learning how it expects you to think. CR4tD will give you insight into the Cisco world, so that even if you have to implement bleeding-edge features you’ll be comfortable with the environment the router offers.