Networking for Systems Administrators

Stop waiting for the network team!

Networking for Systems AdministratorsIf basic TCP/IP was hard, network administrators couldn’t do it. Servers give sysadmins a incredible visibility into the network—once they know how to unlock it.

Most sysadmins don’t need to understand window scaling, or the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 echo requests, or other intricacies of the TCP/IP protocols. You need only enough to deploy your own applications and get easy support from the network team.

This book teaches you:

  • How modern networks really work
  • The essentials of TCP/IP
  • The next-generation protocol, IPv6
  • The right tools to diagnose network problems, and how to use them
  • Troubleshooting everything from the physical wire to DNS
  • How to see the traffic you send and receive
  • Connectivity testing
  • How to communicate with your network team to quickly resolve problems

    A systems administrator doesn’t need to know the innards of TCP/IP, but knowing enough to diagnose your own network issues transforms a good sysadmin into a great one.

    Fungi are among the most networked creatures in the world. If a mushroom can do it, so can you!

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