Absolute FreeBSD

FreeBSD empowers. Absolute FreeBSD empowers absolutely.

The critically-acclaimed FreeBSD guide, now expanded, revised, and updated!

“When was the last time you could physically feel yourself getting smarter while reading a book? If you are a beginning to average FreeBSD user, Absolute FreeBSD 2nd Ed (AF2E) will deliver that sensation in spades. Even more advanced users will find plenty to enjoy.”
Richard Bejtlich, TaoSecurity founder and president

FreeBSD is the muscle behind Internet companies from Yahoo! to Nokia. Any place where someone does heavy lifting on the Internet, you’ll find FreeBSD. Absolute FreeBSD brings FreeBSD’s strengths to bear on your problems.

Any computer system is only as good as the system administrator’s knowledge. Absolute FreeBSD teaches you everything you need to know about managing FreeBSD systems, from installation, configuration, and taking the system from “just working” to “working well.” A cohesive focus on service delivery and best practice means that you can apply much of the book to other operating systems.

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” . . . a very fine piece of work. It isn’t about how to implement BSD solutions. It’s about managing systems ‘in situ.'”
–Peter Salus, UNIX historian, on the 1st edition

Managers ask “Why is it slow?” “How fast is it working?” “How many users can our current hardware handle?” Sysadmins ask “Can I set up a local software package repository?” “Where is that function, anyway?” “What do I do with this crash dump?” Absolute FreeBSD, from No Starch Press, answers these and more!

Absolute FreeBSD dives deep into server management, taking you beyond just making things work and into understanding why they work.

Absolute BSD taught new sysadmins how to build and manage a FreeBSD server. Absolute FreeBSD updates all that knowledge for FreeBSD version 7, and covers FreeBSD’s newest features. You’ll learn how to build your own embedded devices, how to encrypt disk partitions, how to use FreeBSD’s multiprocessor features to your best advantage, how to run diskless servers, and more! New readers will still get the solid introduction they need, but fans of the first edition will expand their skills still further.

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