FreeBSD Mastery: Specialty Filesystems

Filesystems for every need!

FreeBSD includes many special-purpose filesystems. FreeBSD Mastery: Specialty Filesystems takes you through these filesystems, helping you solve problems you didn’t know you have. These filesystems underlie everything from application servers to jails.

“a joy and treasure to read” — NixCraft

With Specialty Filesystems you’ll learn to manage:
freebsd mastery: specialty filesystems

  • removable media
  • MSDOS and Linux filesystems
  • CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disks
  • devfs
  • process filesystems
  • the file descriptor filesystem
  • the POSIX message queue filesystem
  • union mounts
  • null mounts
  • both memory filesystems, and when to use each
  • NFS versions 2, 3, and 4
  • iSCSI targets and initiators
  • the Common Internet File System
  • networked disk redundancy with geom_gate and HAST
  • high availability storage with HAST and iSCSI
  • NFSv4 Access Control Lists
  • User Space Filesystems
  • FreeBSD’s Solaris-compatible automounter

System administrators of any expertise level will expand their FreeBSD mastery with FreeBSD Mastery: Specialty Filesystems.

“I’m a fan of his books… he presents them in a way that makes them much more understandable. He has the right mix of humor and information.” — Sunday Morning Linux Review

(BSD Daemon copyright 1988 Marshall Kirk McKusick.)

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