FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS

Data Storage for the 21st Century and Beyond!
By Michael W Lucas and Allan Jude

(Also see FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS, by Jude and Lucas)

ZFS, the fast, flexible, self-healing filesystem, revolutionized data storage. Leveraging ZFS changes everything about managing FreeBSD systems.

“Thanks for making ZFS knowable by everyone” — Matt Ahrens, ZFS co-creator

“Thanks for doing this… now I don’t have to” &emdash; Jeff Bonwick, ZFS co-creator

FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS

With FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS, you’ll learn to:

  • select hardware for ZFS systems
  • arrange your storage for optimal performance
  • configure datasets that match your enterprise’s needs
  • repair and monitor storage pools
  • expand your storage
  • use compression to enhance performance
  • determine if deduplication is right for your data
  • understand how copy-on-write changes everything
  • snapshot filesystems
  • automatically rotate snapshots
  • clone filesystems
  • optimize how ZFS uses and manages space
  • customize FreeBSD ZFS installs

Whether you’re a long-term FreeBSD administrator or a new user, FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS will help you simplify storage.

Master ZFS with FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS

“ZFS Mastery covers what everyone using or administering these filesystems needs to know to work with them every day. It’s fascinating to see how the system is used, having seen how it is implemented.” George V. Neville-Neil author of Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System

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