Privacy: it’s yours to lose

OpenPGP, the most widely used encryption standard in the world, defines standards for encrypted messages, digital signatures, and identity verification. Notorious for being complicated and user-hostile, OpenPGP has long needed an introductory manual for the average computer user. At last, here’s a book to bring OpenPGP into the 21st century!

PGP & GPG is an easy-to-read, informal tutorial for implementing electronic privacy on the cheap using both commercial PGP and noncommercial GnuPG (GPG). You’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of both, and understand which product to choose for your situation and why.

No matter which software you prefer, you’ll learn how to use it with popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird and integrate it with a Windows desktop or UNIX command line.

Unlike other books on OpenPGP, PGP & GPG teaches you how to use public-key encryption without expecting you to understand the mathematics behind it. By following a few simple guidelines, you can secure your own privacy.

OpenPGP allows you to easily and reliably secure your email and your computer against snooping eyes.

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