SSH Mastery, 2nd Edition

The standard reference on SSH, newly revised and updated!

Secure Shell (SSH) lets sysadmins securely manage remote systems. It’s powerful, complicated, and confusing.

Lose the confusion.

SSH Mastery: OpenSSH, PuTTY, Tunnels and Keys rescues you from sifting through decades of obsolete online tutorials and quickly makes you an SSH journeyman. You’ll learn to:

• eliminate passwords
• manage access by users, groups, addresses, and more
• securely move files around your network
• forward graphic displays
• proxy TCP connections
• build SOCKS proxies
• centrally manage and distribute keys and configurations
• use SSH as secure transport for other applications
• build virtual private networks
• create Certificate Authorities for truly large scale deployment

Master Secure Shell with SSH Mastery!



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    Critical acclaim for the first edition of SSH Mastery

    “…SSH Mastery is a title that Unix users and system administrators like myself will want to keep within reach…”
    Peter Hansteen

    This stripping-down of the usual tech-book explanations gives it the immediacy of extended documentation on the Internet. Not the multipage how-to articles used as vehicles for advertising, but an in-depth presentation from someone who used OpenSSH to do a number of things, and paid attention while doing it.
    — Justin Sherrill, DragonFlyBSD Digest