Sudo Mastery

Sudo Mastery is the third book released from my private label, Tilted Windmill Press. If you’d like a preview of the contents, check out my talk “Sudo: You’re Doing It Wrong.”

Unix-like operating systems use a rudimentary access control system: the root account can do anything, while other users are peasants with only minimal access. This worked fine in UNIX’s youth, but today, system administration responsibilities are spread among many people and applications. Each person needs a tiny slice of root’s power.

Sudo MasterySudo lets you divide root’s monolithic power between the people who need it with accountability and auditability.

Sudo Mastery will teach you to:

  • design a sudo policy rather than slap rules together
  • simplify policies with lists and aliases
  • use non-Unix information sources in policies
  • configure alternate sudo policies
  • manage shell environments
  • verify system integrity and perform intrusion detection
  • have a common sudo policy across your server farm
  • manage sudo policies via LDAP
  • log and debug sudo
  • log and replay full sudo sessions
  • use authentication systems other than passwords
  • While many people use sudo, most use only a small part of it’s features. Chances are, you’re doing it wrong. Master sudo with Sudo Mastery.

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