Tarsnap Mastery

Online Backup you can Trust and Verify!

Tarsnap, the secure online backup service for Unix-like systems, raised the bar for online backups. It’s inexpensive. It’s reliable. And you don’t need to trust the Tarsnap service—they can’t access your backups even if they wanted to.

Tarsnap Mastery Cover

With Tarsnap Mastery you’ll learn to:

  • install and manage Tarsnap on Linux, Unix, Windows, and OS X
  • fully exploit features like encryption and deduplication
  • create and recover archives
  • customize backups to precisely your requirements
  • passphrase protect keys
  • create and manage special-purpose keys
  • automatically back up and rotate archives
  • understand and resolve performance issues
  • quickly restore complete systems

    Ditch the tape room. Put your backups online, and know that they’re safe.

    Tarsnap Mastery. Because life doesn’t back itself up.

    “I learned a lot about Tarsnap while reading this book — things I had forgotten, and things I had never even realized. As befits the author of so many technical books, Michael’s attention to detail is truly outstanding.” -Colin Percival, Tarsnap designer

    Or check out the video of my Tarsnap talk at mug.org.

    Get the ebook from:

  • Tilted Windmill Press, my online bookstore–3 formats, DRM-free, not available to EU customers thanks to VAT
  • Gumroad, all 3 formats, DRM-free. (I make less here than if you buy direct from me, but it avoids PayPal and complies with EU VAT regulations.)
  • Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon CA
  • Kobo
  • iBooks
  • Nook (coming soon)

    Get the print book from:

  • Amazon US, Amazon UK
  • my CreateSpace store (pays me the highest royalty, but is also most expensive. If you want to pay me extra for a book, throw something in my tip jar instead.)

    print-ebook combos?

    If you buy the print from Amazon, you can get the Kindle version for $2.99. Sadly, other retailers do not support this feature yet.

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